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Collymore has developed a unique sound...

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The Arsenals and two-time Juno award-winner Sonia Collymore.


Sonia Collymore, combines reggae riddims with R&B vocals.


12 of the 13 tracks on her debut album, WYSIWYG.


2003/2005 JUNO Award winning artist, Sonia Collymore has developed a unique sound supported by a bold stage presence. Sonia's niche is Reggae, but over the years she has developed a strong jazz, soul and R&B vocal style. Her music is soulful with a Caribbean twist. Sonia has the unique ability to draw her audience in. She often sings songs on the spot based on audience requests. Sonia sings in English, Spanish and some Italian.

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The Arsenals and Sonia Collymore

Sonia has shared the stage with many reggae greats and her vocals can be heard on the Showcase (Canada) and Showtime (USA) television series The L Word. Her song writing skills have been spotlighted by singer Patria and the Pop group 3-Deep as well as highlighted on the Canadian television series Grosse Point.

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Sonia Collymore talks with 4th Metric

Singer-Songwriter Sonia Collymore sits down with me and discusses the path to her first Juno Award. Sonia offers advice to aspiring singers, as well as the mindset that helped her through her many successes and challenges.

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We'll Have A Good Time WYSIWYG

Her voice is as warm and expressive as the soprano that she wraps around her fierce lyrics. 2003 and 2005 JUNO Award winning Reggae Artist, Sonia Collymore, combines reggae riddims with R&B vocals to create a sound that's second to none.




Sonia Collymore We'll Have A Good Time.



  1. Takes 2 To Play The Game
  2. No Cash Flow
  3. Walk Away
  4. It's Your Time
  5. Don't You Stop Loving Me
  6. Breathe
  7. We'll Have A Good Time
  8. Can't Get Enough
  9. Roots Wine
  10. Slow Grind
  11. Make Up Your Mind
  12. My One Mistake
  13. He's Mine
  14. Somebody To Love You


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Released online: October 22, 2009

Genre: Reggae, Ska & Dub