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Reggae Divas - females In reggae


Celebrating Women In Reggae Music.

In a genre that is predominantly male dominated, Renascence Entertainment created Reggae Divas - Celebrating Women In Reggae Music with the official launch in April of 2015. Our objective throughout has been to showcase Female Reggae Artists with their own productions in order to highlight their talents and talents and abilities and also create opportunities for growth within the industry.

Reggae Divas begins a new era for female reggae artists,

As an artist herself, Aretha Cooper President/Ceo of Renascence Entertainment created Reggae Divas.

Words from Sara Miller: “Stay humble as you grow into being a veteran female artist and let no stage or person be too small for you to be the light or start a new era, the new generation for women in Reggae music.”

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These incredibly talented Female Reggae Artists took the stage at Reggae Divas-Celebrating Women In Reggae Music

Constant radio airplay and live performances do not come easily; they are often placed in the background as back-up vocalist or collaboration projects. Reggae Divas begins a new era for female reggae artists, as the talent of women in reggae soars beyond the parameters of what is often perceived in this industry. Female reggae artists in Canada and around the world have been working hard in their careers, writing great songs of empowerment and staying focused on perfecting and improving their craft while being partners mothers and full time employed workers. Reggae Divas showcase will continue every year in an effort to recognized, support, highlight, motivate and empower women in reggae music in Canada and abroad. We encourage the industry from media to producers, promoters and radio personnel so to represent female reggae artists on an equal platform as our male reggae artists. This also puts the onus on female reggae artists to continue to stay focused and dedicated to their careers in Reggae Music.


We have so many Talented Canadian Female Artists here in Canada.

As an artist herself, President/Ceo of Renascence Entertainment Aretha Cooper created Regge Divas to highlight and give credit to female reggae artists, who often get overlooked in favor of male artists as well as receiving less air-play of their songs on the radio. By creating the Reggae Divas event, Cooper hopes that female artists not only continue to pursue their passion in reggae music but also give producers and promoters insight to the incredible talent that Canada has to offer. Her advice to new artists on the scene is an inspirational one: work hard, stay humble and never give up.


Our Mission statement: Create platforms of equal opportunity with a focus on purpose through music!